Created by: Kevin Chuang, Neil Sonnenberg, Karen Cavicchio, Joon Hyun, Gerald Diep-Tran, Andres Borges

Developed in ACM Game Studios


Player 1: WASD to move, shift for yaw, space to accelerate. Q to spawn portal 1, and  C to spawn portal 2

Player 2: Arrow keys to move, right alt fir taw, right ctrl to accelerate. . to spawn portal 1 and / to spawn portal 2.

Gamepad: Left Analog to move, left bumper for yaw, right trigger to accelerate, A for portal 1, B for portal 2

Install instructions

You can play in browser or you can download and unzip the file anywhere. Open the "Space Pi-Light.exe" file and you're playing our game!


Flight 80 MB

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